WORKSHOP TWO//a practice in building empathy
2:00pm 2:00pm

WORKSHOP TWO//a practice in building empathy

  • 889 Broadway New York, NY, 10003 United States (map)
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A safe, open space for creative exchange and experimentation around cullen+them’s newest work which address how fear influences our relationship to our bodies. In WORKSHOP TWO we will explore storytelling and movement as our main mediums, sharing parts of our personal histories to build empathy. TWO is about listening and truth telling and will include both cullen+them rehearsal processes and improvised prompts to develop material. WORKSHOP TWO is open to anyone regardless of movement experienced.

 $10 admission

Email to sign up or for more information

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The Family Project
to Jan 20

The Family Project

The Family Project is based on family dynamics, relationships, and ancestry at a time when there are a myriad of changes happening in these young people’s individual families and in the world around them.

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WORKSHOP ONE//Seeking New Collaborators
3:30pm 3:30pm

WORKSHOP ONE//Seeking New Collaborators

WORKSHOP ONE will be the first in a series of gatherings hosted in conjunction with the creation of my new work.  As it stands now, in its early stages, it is an exploration of storytelling using the shared parts of personal history to encourage empathy. The piece will address how fear influences our relationship to our sexuality and our bodies. 

I am interested in receiving inspiration for my work from people beyond my direct collaborators. ANYONE who is interested in coming into a space to experiment with other artists, is encouraged to join (whether you are available/want to be in a new work or not). 

ONE is designed specifically to help me find NEW COLLABORATORS. 

I am looking for performers and creatives who are eager to engage in thoughtful dialogue and open communication about personal history. I work heavily with the stories and personalities of the people I work with and derive material from them. 

I am particularly looking for people who: 

  • Are willing to share openly 
  • Have experience with movement (in however you define that) 
  • Are comfortable with speaking on stage/acting training to some degree (is preferred)
  • Have an interest in social justice activism 

note: If you do not have experience with movement, do not be shy. I am looking for a range of movement levels, from high to very basic. 

To attend please RSVP to or using the contact page on this site. 

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