Us, Me, They, She  premiered in May 2015

Us, Me, They, She is a theatrical production integrating movement and poetry conceptualized, written and choreographed by Hannah Cullen, whose work and research at NYU Tisch culminated with this performance.  It is her first evening length work featuring ten dancers, movers, speakers, people, whose individual voices emerge throughout the piece and were essential to it's creation. 

About the project

As a young female artist entering a professional setting, Hannah Cullen became interested in delving into my personal experiences with gender inequity and the experiences of the women around her. She decided to research the history of workplace discrimination and the rise of the second wave feminist movement to inform the work she was creating.

During her time at Tisch, Hannah choreographed four different pieces dealing with gender inequality, female identity, and reconciling internal and external expectations of one’s self. Each of these pieces built upon one another, developing in both concept and form, and bringing Hannah closer to her unique, specific voice.

Us, Me, They, She tackles issues that are relevant and significant - gendered inequality as it pertains to both women and men, how expectations associated with gender influence and affect our individual identity, and how that in turn affects the way we view women in our society.

it is a project about 

learning to shed insecurities 
reconciling internal conflict and external expectation
understanding how gendered, social constructs shape us
and ultimately, about
being comfortable to face the unknown within
and without.



Choreographed and premiered in 2014, She explores the expectations of female identity and how confining feminine limitations can be. Beginning to question how and by whom these limitations are placed, this work became an important step towards creating the crux of Hannah's larger work Us, Me, They, She. This was also Hannah's first work with a larger piece of text, a 3-4 minute long poem that begins the solo. 

She (excerpts) from premier performance

Choreographed, written, and performed by Hannah Cullen


Unplug: Pierce To Drain

Choreographed and performed in 2013. Unplug: Pierce to Drain looks at how technology effects the way we interact and communicate with one another. It boils up with a desire to break from the absent mindedness that defines our screen-dependent lives. 

Unplug: Pierce To Drain (excerpts)